Become part of the solution to help our community.

FCGMA is accepting submissions from the general public to aide our work in preparing a Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) to submit to California’s State Department of Water Resources that will propose a strategy to bring our basins into a sustainable balance within 20 years. Share your innovative water supply and conservation ideas to us by December 30th, 2017 with a detailed write-up with ideas for conservation, or most importantly, plans for the water supply to increase water into the aquifers. Your plan could contribute to a reliable and resilient water system for our future.

Sharing your vision with us will help manage our water, a precious limited resource.

We look forward to reviewing your idea-entry for FCGMA’s Challenge! Before you submit your entry, please read who can enter and our submission guidelines.

FCGMA welcomes ideas from engineers, agricultural leaders, water districts, hydrogeologists, water experts, and students to help generate new ideas and solutions to develop a GSP proposal focused on creating a model program to achieve a 20 year glide path to sustainability of our four basins.

How to proceed

Step 1: Review the Helpful Links tab to learn more about groundwater research and gather your innovative water supply and conservation ideas by December 30th, 2017.

Step 2: To submit your water conservation and water supply concepts, fill out the preliminary entry form below. Insert a 450-word overview of your ideas and upload any supporting materials. Click submit.

Step 3: Once submission is received, you will be sent a confirmation and receive a link to the Agency website ( to stay current with on-going activities and to review information as it becomes available.

Step 4: Entries that have passed the preliminary screening by the FCGMA staff may require further assessment and or presentation to the Board for their direction or inclusion into the GSP planning process.

About The Fox Canyon Groundwater Management Agency:
The Fox Canyon Groundwater Management Agency (FCGMA) manages and protects several groundwater basins underlying the southern portion of Ventura County. FCGMA is a unique state water agency governed by a Board of Directors, and comprised of a unique and varied group of local stakeholders which include municipalities, industrial, residential, agricultural and water companies. All lands lying above the Fox Canyon aquifers account for more than 60% of the water needs for more than Ventura County 450,000 residents, agriculture and businesses. For more background on groundwater sustainability go to the Fox Canyon Groundwater website.


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