The Fox Canyon Core Stakeholder Forum

A Facilitated Process approach to Sustainable Groundwater Management

The Fox Canyon facilitated process is an independent effort to facilitate consensus building among a broad range of stakeholders and interested parties on water resources management related to implementing the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) in Fox Canyon of Ventura County. The purpose of this web site is to provide transparency related to meetings and information related to these efforts. All interested parties can use this web site to learn more about the process and access materials.

The Fox Canyon Groundwater Management Agency (GMA) will convene and participate in discussions with stakeholders, representative of groundwater users and managers in the basins, to develop recommendations for the GMA Board to consider adopting. Stakeholders will explore and discuss a range of issues, draw upon the best available science, consider and integrate to the extent possible all points of view and public input, and strive for consensus recommendations. The Consensus Building Institute (CBI) is providing impartial facilitation services, currently funded by the California Department of Water Resources.

The Fox Canyon Core Stakeholder Forum

The process initiated with a stakeholder issue assessment. The Consensus Building Institute, an independent nonprofit organization that provides mediation and facilitation services conducted  22 interviews with 45 stakeholders and found the conditions in the Oxnard and Pleasant Valley basins to be amenable to a facilitated process, wherein a representative group of stakeholders convened to engage in joint-problem solving to seek consensus on recommendations to put forth to the Fox Canyon GMA Board.

Assessment Process Recommendations

  • Convene a representative stakeholder group and build in broader engagement (Briefings, Caucus Meetings, Public Workshops)
  • Develop charter to confirm decision-making and how input will be used
  • Develop work plan to address range of issues with check-in points to continue
  • Transparency

Facilitated Process Structure


Considers Adopting Recommendations

Stakeholder Group

Develops & Presents Recommendations To GMA

Public Groundwater Forums

Vets and Provides Input to Strengthen Proposed Recommendations

Briefings at Existing Meetings

Vets and Provides Input to Strengthen Proposed Recommendations

Constituent Meetings + Caucus

Vets and Provides Input to Strengthen Proposed Recommendations

Facilitated Process Pathway

The Stakeholder Group develops proposals to vet broadly with constituents and in public workshops, then incorporates feedback.

Ad Hoc Committees when needed to develop Detailed Proposals for Stakeholder Group

  • Projects
  • Engagement to develop outreach materials

  • Key Elements

  • Use people’s time wisely
  • Ongoing work punctuated by public input
  • Create widespread support and understanding

  • Issues for Discussion:

    The facilitated process will grapple with the range of issues necessary to address regional water resources management as well as allocation.

    Regional Water Resources Management

    Allocation Plan

    Sustainable Yield

    Project Development

    Costs, Fees, Equity, Benefits

    Governance & Administration


    Ramp Down
    The Fox Canyon Stakeholder Forum

    Principles for a Facilitated Process approach to Sustainable Groundwater Management

    A Stakeholder Group has formed to address the issues at hand. Stakeholder Group meetings are open to the public. Everyone is welcome to join these meetings to listen to the discussions that take place and contribute during the open sessions.

    Once some proposals are taking shape, the Stakeholder Group will share ideas in public workshops and organizational briefings. Public workshops and organizational briefings will provide everyone an opportunity to learn about proposals under consideration and to help shape those proposals.

    Stakeholder Forum Participants

    Alden Broome

    Broome Ranches, Guadalasca Mutual Water Company, Director at Zone Mutual

    Arne Anselm


    Candice Meneghin

    Friends of the Santa Clara River

    Dan Detmer

    United Water Conservation District

    E.J. Remson

    The Nature Conservancy

    Greg Lewis

    Duda Farm Fresh Foods / OPV Ag Growers Group

    Ian Prichard

    Camrosa Water District (Also a GSA)

    James Dubois


    Jared Bouchard

    Pleasant Valley County Water District

    Jennfer Tribo

    City of Ventura

    John Krist

    Farm Bureau of Ventura County

    Jurgen or Martin Gramckow

    Marathon Land & Southland Sod Farms

    Lucie Munoz-McGovern

    City of Camarillo

    Rosemarie Gaglione

    City of Oxnard

    Terri L. Ferro

    Seacoast Farms

    Ad Hoc Committees

    The Stakeholder Group will charge Ad Hoc Committees to develop detailed technical proposals for its consideration. The Stakeholder Group envisions forming a legal ad hoc and a project development ad hoc committee.